American Waltzing Matilda adjusts its corporate structure

The American Connect Airlines is considering hydrogen propulsion for the Dash 8

13.12.2021 – 15:56 UTC

Connect Airlines (Bedford, MA) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Los Angeles-based Universal Hydrogen Co. to convert up to 24 aircraft in the startup’s fleet to energy propulsion green by 2025, aiming to be “the first zero-emissions airline in the United States”.

Under the agreement, Connect Airlines has committed to purchase 24 of Universal Hydrogen’s hydrogen conversion kits, consisting of a firm order for the upgrade of twelve DHC-8-300s and purchase rights for twelve additional kits of other aircraft types, the companies said in a statement. declaration. “For these aircraft, Universal Hydrogen is aiming to install its conversion kits by 2025 and will then supply green hydrogen to the Connect Airlines fleet under a long-term agreement,” they said. .

In exchange, the airline invested in Universal Hydrogen, she revealed. “In addition to this Letter of Intent, we were delighted to participate in Universal Hydrogen’s recent $62 million financing round,” said John Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Connect Airlines.

Universal Hydrogen has developed a conversion kit to retrofit existing regional aircraft with a…

American Waltzing Matilda clarifies its ownership structure

29.09.2021 – 09:07 UTC

Waltzing Matilda Aviation (MW, New Bedford) has clarified its ownership structure in the United States in a series of additional documents filed in support of its application to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for a Part 121 certificate of public convenience and the necessity of engaging in foreign operations. regular air transport of people, goods and mail.

This follows DOT on Sept. 17, 2021, giving the startup 30 days to respond to “citizenship, fitness, and procedural issues” identified in WMA’s initial application. The DOT primarily raised concerns about WMA’s U.S. citizenship and its relationship with its subsidiary, WM Airlines LP (WM LP), whom it considered a non-U.S. citizen.

WMA is an FAA Part 135 licensed jet charter operator seeking to convert its existing FAA license to Part 121 to operate scheduled flights from the US cities of Philadelphia Int’l and Chicago O’Hare to downtown city ​​of Toronto in Canada. He hopes to start operating schedules early in 4Q21 using two DHC-8-Q400s leased from Chorus Aviation….

USA’s Waltzing Matilda encounters regulatory issues regarding ownership

23.09.2021 – 23:22 UTC

Plans by US charter operator Waltzing Matilda Aviation (MW, New Bedford) to launch scheduled operations under the Connect Airlines brand have failed as the US Department of Transportation identified “major issues that need to be addressed before any further processing WMA’s request does not proceed”.

In a letter dated September 17, 2021, to WMA’s legal representative, the DOT gave the company 30 days to respond to the “citizenship, fitness, and procedural issues” identified in MWA’s request to perform regular interstate and foreign air transport of people, goods and mail.

The DOT said it would defer further processing of the WMA application pending resolution of the identified issues. “If WMA does not resolve the identified issues or correct the identified procedural issues within that time, we will recommend that the department dismiss WMA’s claims without prejudice to the plaintiff’s filing.”

WMA founder John Thomas in an email to ch-aviation said, “It is not at all unusual for the DOT to request additional information/clarifications when an operating clearance application is deposited with them. We are…

The American start-up Connect Airlines seizes the interlining of American Airlines

01.09.2021 – 09:24 UTC

Waltzing Matilda Aviation (MW, New Bedford), the production carrier of scheduled start-up Connect Airlines, has signed an interline agreement with American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth), with plans for a codeshare partnership when flights begin in early 4Q21.

Details to that effect were reportedly revealed in a regulatory filing updated by the U.S. Department of Transportation on August 26, but the relevant sections have since been redacted following a WMA motion to prevent public disclosure. information for competitive purposes.

WMA chief executive John Thomas was not immediately available for comment.

American Airlines said the agreement with WMA was part of its “continuing effort to build the biggest and best network”. “Our interline partnership is still in the developmental stage, and we look forward to providing more options for customers to travel from downtown Toronto,” spokesperson Jermaine Spight told the Dallas Morning News.

Several local news reports said the interline deal with American was signed in March 2021, but the carriers expected to negotiate a codeshare deal…