As baby formula shortage drags on, charities struggle to help families in need | New

As baby formula shortage drags on, charities struggle to help families in need

MADISON (WKOW) — An organization that has helped needy families find formula during the current formula shortage is in desperate need of more donations as supplies are running low.

On a typical weekday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., the line is out the door at Babies and Beyond. The organization helps needy families with essentials like formula and diapers.

Since the baby formula shortage began in the spring, demand has increased.

“We’ve seen over 150 new families in the last maybe two months,” said Babies and Beyond’s executive director, Brenda Collins.

Collins says that when the shortage began, the organization was stocked up and ready to handle the surge in demand, which federal officials said would only last a few weeks. Now, months later, the organization is down to its last cans.

“We used to have lots of different brands, all kinds,” Collins said, looking through their shelves. “It’s not over. Families are still struggling, they still need that formula. They still struggle to find that formula.”

With no end to the shortage in sight, families are also turning to local Facebook pages like “Madison Area Formula Finders” for help.

Lorelei Schultz, Johnson Creek’s mother who started the page, says the posts have been steady for months.

“You know, the amount of work and exhaustion it takes to find a formula — it’s kind of like that now,” Schultz said.

Meanwhile, Collins is trying her best despite high demand, but says they are running out quickly.

“We really need more donations and have a variety of different brands, different types,” Collins said. “So that we can continue to help families in need.”