Aston Martin ‘must avoid corporate structure at all costs’ to achieve F1 title target

Ian Parkes and Ewan Gale

Aston Martin’s new team principal Mike Krack has insisted the organization must avoid working in a “corporate” fashion in order to deliver on its five-year plan.

Last year, owner Lawrence Stroll set his sights on competing for F1 titles mid-decade as the Silverstone-based team undergoes upscaling.

A new state-of-the-art factory is currently being built, while Krack’s appointment is the headline in a series of signings as Stroll aims to push Aston Martin to the fore.

Krack, who participated in BMW’s F1 program in the 2000s and Porsche’s World Endurance Championship tilt, pointed out that Aston Martin’s position is different because it is not a equipment supplier. [original equipment manufacturer].

Telling him that five-year plans don’t always work, with Renault used as an example, Krack said: “I agree that five-year plans don’t always work.

“There can only be one winner, that’s true and you also very often, as we have now, have disruptions with a new set of regulations where you will have to readjust.

“But on the other hand, what is a bit different from the team you mentioned is that we are not an equipment supplier.

“We are a lean management structure, we can decide very, very quickly and we are very flexible. So we have great possibilities and we have a fast decision path.

“Obviously you can’t plan for success, that’s for sure, but you can put things in place to achieve it.”

Referring to his previous role at BMW, Krack added: “We also had a five-year plan at the time and it was run in a very corporate way which we have to avoid at all costs.

“So I think we have everything we need at this stage, but we have to make the right decisions.

“It doesn’t come by itself, we have to be aware of that. It’s hard work for many days and weeks.”