BBB: Veterinary charities cautiously lend aid in tornado | News

ANDERSON – In the three days following the devastating tornadoes that ravaged several Midwestern states, including Kentucky, more than $ 1 million was raised for relief efforts through GoFundMe.

Without a doubt, there is an urgent need for funds and supplies to reach the victims of the tornado as quickly as possible, but it is just as certain that the crooks will be lining up to try their luck with these well-meaning donations.

In a press release, the Better Business Bureau of Indianapolis offers the following reminders for considering a charity under consideration for donations:

The Bureau’s website offers resources to help donors make informed decisions about their giving, as well as to build a trustworthy reputation for charities. The site provides a list of organizations that meet its charitable accountability standards.

Additionally, the Bureau encourages potential donors to consider donating cash directly through a verified charity’s website. In an emergency, this is probably the fastest way to send help. Donations of supplies can be well-intentioned, but can sometimes be difficult and expensive to manage if the charity doesn’t already have an established way to help distribute them to those in need.

Cash donations are suggested to reputable shelters and emergency centers, including the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

Food banks, including Feed America, are also active in providing groceries and other household items to people in affected areas.

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