Bitcentral revamps its corporate structure with an eye on growth in 2021

Bitcentral is gearing up for a new year with a renewed focus on innovation and continued customer service made possible through a new corporate structure, beginning in December 2020. Bitcentral will service its solutions through two teams dedicated – one focused on the core business of the business, which includes Core News and Central Control; and another focused on FUEL, emphasizing the video production, cloud streaming and monetization solution launched in August 2018.

“Our entire Bitcentral team is encouraged and inspired by the growth potential we see for both our core business and FUEL, and the time has come for us to crystallize these two distinct functions of Bitcentral’s business while continuing to work toward our goal of creating a portfolio of products and services to streamline and automate end-to-end workflows from broadcast to digital,” says Greg Mason, President of Bitcentral. “This new structure within our team will allow us to continue to build on our long-established foundation through Core products and elevate FUEL in a rapidly changing digital environment, while aligning product and customer deliverables as far as possible. This change will ultimately put us in a better position to serve the customers we have connected with over the years, attract new business and innovate for the demands of our industry in the future.

Bitcentral was founded in 2000, and this change in corporate structure to streamline processes and business practices will strengthen solution development and execution in 2021 and beyond.

Two Bitcentral executives, Sam Peterson and Greg Morrotook on new roles within the company as a result of this decision to focus on growth potential, with Peterson becoming managing director of the core business and Morrow taking on the role of managing director of FUEL.

Peterson joined Bitcentral in October 2017 as Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. As General Manager of Core Business, he will lead all core solutions activities for Bitcentral, Core News and Central Control, including product management, development and quality assurance. Peterson has spent more than three decades honing his skills in the critical functions relevant to his newly created role, including automation, master control and broadcast, news production, signal management and live production.

Morrow was hired in October 2019 as Vice President of Business Development, focusing primarily on structuring strategic deals, partnerships and alliances for FUEL. In this elevated role, he will continue to identify opportunities and lead all activities related to product development, new ventures and FUEL operations. He brings over two decades of experience in internet media, product innovation and digital operations – all relevant to the future of FUEL.