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Charities in East Texas are closely monitoring food availability

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) – Is a global food shortage looming in the future?

Although the USDA says there is not yet a food shortage problem, with several variables at play, market analysts say it is “a possibility”.

East Texas organizations like the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission and Longview Community Ministries distribute a high volume of food to the needy every day. And they say there are indicators that some supply problems have started.

“Ground beef, chicken, hams, things like that. It’s getting a little rare. These gifts don’t come in as much. And I guess it’s harder to find, people use it for themselves,” says Brian Livingston, Hiway 80 mission director.

“Wal-mart is one of our collection points and due to their product supply chain issues, we are seeing a decline in the amount they can donate to us,” says Kristi Buckrell, director of Longview Community Ministries. .

Supply chain disruption and inflation could create a shortage.

And the war in Ukraine, commented on by the Federal Reserve, could also complicate food availability.

“In addition to effects on inflation, the invasion and related events are likely to restrict economic activity overseas and further disrupt supply chains, creating spillovers to the U.S. economy through commerce and other channels,” Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell said.

Discount grocers like Sasquatch Trading Post in Gladewater are planning for trouble.

“It’s a concern for me as it is for any other food supplier. What will our source and supply be,” said owner Martin Pessink.

Now they need to start thinking about what can be done in the event of a food shortage.

“Try to get products and things from local suppliers,” Buckrell says.

“We feed 200 people a day, 3 meals a day. The shelves lighten up a bit. So we’ll have to come up with something,” says Livingston.

According to the USDA, food production and manufacturing is currently widely dispersed across the United States and no “large-scale” supply chain disruptions have been reported.

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