Charities Reflect On This Year’s CoMoGives Fundraiser | Missouri News

Two Missouri organizations talk about their experiences with this year’s CoMoGives campaign.

COLUMBIA – The CoMoGives 2021 fundraiser is slated to end on Friday New Years Eve. It started in November.

CoMoGives is an annual online fundraiser that this year supports 148 high-impact nonprofits in Colombia and central Missouri.

It started in 2013 with 30 organizations involved and raised $ 62,400.

The full list of 148 nonprofits and a link to donate is available on the CoMoGives website.

This year’s campaign raised $ 1,453,166.29 of the $ 1,600,000 goal CoMoGives set before the fundraiser began.

Executive Director John Baker said CoMoGives is a donor-driven campaign, which means all money raised goes to organizations selected by donors.

“We Always Swing” Jazz Series, an entertainment agency in Colombia, is currently leading the way when it comes to the amount of money earned from the 148 participating nonprofits.

Josh Chittum, associate director of the Jazz series, said that “We Always Swing” mostly puts all of their eggs in one basket.

“We do fundraising outside of CoMoGives, but the vast majority of our individual donations come in December,” Chittum said.

He said clients had been training clients for years on how “We Always Swing” wanted to do things.

“It’s the idea of ​​a rising tide that lifts all ships. We’re doing well, but so are a lot of other groups,” Chittum said. “It’s kind of the idea, is that someone might go to to donate to the Jazz series, but says the food bank and the humanitarian society should also receive a gift. It creates a sense of community. “

“It keeps you busy. It’s not a donation day, it’s a donation month, so we definitely see it as a marathon and not a sprint,” Chittum said.

“We Always Swing” has been part of the CoMoGives fundraiser for 8 years.

Rainbow House is another charity that has been actively involved in fundraising.

“CoMoGives is always an exciting campaign here at Rainbow House, also this year,” said Richie Vanskike, Rainbow House Director of Development. “It’s really great for us and people are giving so much. It gave a boost to the end of the year by giving that people do.”

“This year our goal was $ 35,000,” said Vaskike. “As we speak, we’re about 20,000 or somewhere in there. Because the last two days, especially the last day of the month, is always a busy day, we hope to put in a big effort and reach our. goal .”

Rainbow House is currently in 15th place out of the 148 other organizations involved.