Commissioners approve second round of charities to fund CARES

FRESH WATER COUNTY – Sweetwater County Commissioners have approved the second round of applicants for the Charity Relief Program, in which six organizations have applied for funding.

The Charity Relief Program is a program funded by the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act and provided to charities and nonprofits that have been affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

On January 15, the Commissioners approved 14 requests for a total of $ 631,043. That left about $ 301,371 for a second round of candidates. Sweetwater County was originally allocated $ 932,414 by the state under the program. Population measures were used to designate allocations to counties.

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Sweetwater County Grants Manager Krisena Marchal said the first round of applications was still being reviewed to verify compliance as eligibility must be proven. Organizations must meet the definition of a charity, have had to provide a good, service or payment, and have lost income due to COVID-19.

“It’s not enough to lose money, you have to prove that you have also provided some type of good, service or payment, and that you have lost income,” Marchal said.

All payments will be issued on March 16, Marchal said.

The second-round nominees included the Mount of Olives Lutheran Church, the Sweetwater Family Resource Center, the Rock Springs Renewal Fund, the Sweetwater County YWCA, the Actor’s Mission and the United Way of Southwestern Wyoming. .

Some people wonder if Centraide is considered a “charity” since it is an organization whose revenues are donated to other organizations.

“We are not sure that they meet this definition because it is an intermediary entity,” said Marchal.

Marchal said organizations have had to describe in detail the goods and services they provide, and United Way may not meet the requirements to receive funding. Organizations that have lost United Way funding may need to apply directly.

Marchal also noted that some organizations have included the loss of United Way funds in their funding requests, so there is some overlap that needs to be addressed.

Kelly Frink, executive director of United Way, said they are asking for the funding to cover the prizes that go to other organizations that haven’t yet, but will. Therefore, organizations have not yet been affected by this lack of funding.

The requests were as follows:

  • Lutheran Church of the Mount of Olives: $ 2,182
    • For PPE, cleaning services and teleconferencing costs when bringing services online.
  • Sweetwater Family Resource Center: $ 46,177
    • For hotels, emergency shelter, utility assistance, and customer goods and services. Shari West of the Sweetwater Family Resource Center said incomes have declined as needs have increased.
  • Rock Springs Renewal Fund: $ 11,956
    • For loss of donations or other income.
  • Sweetwater County YWCA: $ 1,865
    • For PPE, cleaning services and teleworking.
  • Actor’s mission: $ 90,000
    • For loss of donations or other income.
  • United Way of Southwestern Wyoming: $ 245,801
    • For money donated to other organizations in June. The money usually comes from United Way campaign efforts raised in the fall and winter.

The Commissioners unanimously approved the requests in their entirety, however, on a first come, first served basis. The above applicants are listed in the order in which they were received and therefore United Way of Southwest Wyoming will only be awarded up to the amount of funding available.

Marchal said she expects some funding to be dropped from the first round of applicants, due to not meeting specific program requirements. Accordingly, United Way of Southwest Wyoming will receive their entire application up to the amount requested, subject to available funds.