ESS Technologies expands its corporate structure and manufacturing capacity

Since June 1993, ESS Technologies, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing essential packaging machinery for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics and consumer goods. To better meet the growing demands for automated packaging machines, ESS announces an expansion of our organizational structure as well as our manufacturing space.

Extended organizational structure

In early 2021, company president Kevin Browne created new positions of chief operating officer and chief engineering officer and promoted longtime ESS engineers Paul Landers and Mike Morgan to those positions. Paul, who previously led the mechanical engineering team, now oversees the day-to-day operations of the business. Mike, who previously led the electrical engineering and field service teams, now oversees all engineering for the business. Mike and Paul bring years of engineering experience and are focused on maintaining ESS’s high standard of quality for our packaging machines while finding ways to improve our products.

Director of Engineering Mike Morgan

Steven Easter has been promoted to Mechanical Engineering Manager and Brian Stuck has been promoted to Electrical Engineering Manager. Additionally, ESS is adding new members to the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering departments.

Extensive manufacturing capacity

To meet the growing demand for our packaging machinery, ESS has opened a satellite plant in Pembroke, Virginia, which includes additional office and manufacturing space. This second facility, added to the company’s headquarters in Blacksburg, Virginia, provides ESS Technologies with nearly 30,000 square feet of research and development, engineering and manufacturing space with room for future expansions. Kevin Browne has promoted longtime employee and engineer James Hungate to General Manager of the Pembroke site to ensure that ESS’s stringent quality standards for manufacturing our machines are consistent throughout the facility .