Evangelical youth trust charities less but are more open to giving diversely

A recent to study conducted by Infinity Concepts and Gray Matter Research found that while young evangelical donors tend to be wary of charities from the outset, they are nevertheless more likely to give to overseas causes or organizations than they do did not know before.

The study aimed to analyze differences in charitable giving patterns across age groups, in light of the fact that many donor bases tend to be older, leaving some nonprofit organizations financially vulnerable to as these donors continue to age and eventually die.

In light of this reality, many charities seek to attract younger donors, but “the problem is that too often charities try to attract a 35-year-old donor with the same strategies and approaches that helped them to attract all their 65s. – donors less than one year old.

“Young donors think about giving very differently than older donors,” the study reported.

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A key finding of the study is that while 58% of evangelicals give to charities outside of their local churches, evangelicals under 40 do so with a very different perspective than their older counterparts. aged. When young evangelicals are considering charitable giving, they are more likely to start from a place of mistrust until the organization proves itself to be trustworthy. For older evangelicals, they are more likely to freely give their trust until that trust is breached, with donors over 70 being the most trusting.

This illustrates that to reach young donors, charities need to think strategically about how to model transparency and accountability in their practices. Nevertheless, if they succeed in doing so, the study results seem to indicate that they have a greater potential to reach a larger pool of donors among younger age groups, even if they are not a well-known charity.

The study also found that evangelicals under 40 are more likely to seek variety in the charities they contribute to. 41% of Evangelicals under 40 responded favorably when asked if they would like to learn about new organizations to donate to, compared to 29% among all Evangelicals and 34% among Evangelicals ages 40-40. 54 years old. Simply put, older evangelicals are more comfortable giving to organizations they already know about before, while younger evangelicals are open to new causes and charities.

Young evangelicals are also more likely to give to a wider variety of causes, with 48% responding favorably to the idea, compared to 32% among evangelicals in general. Additionally, young evangelicals are more likely to give to overseas initiatives, with 34% responding favorably, as opposed to the overall favorable response rate of 27%.

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