Helping and protecting children in Britain. Overview of charities

Every child in the world should have a dignified, safe and happy childhood. Unfortunately, the modern world cannot provide 100% protection for children and their future, especially those born into difficult financial circumstances. Serious illness, poverty, humiliation, aggression are what up to 30% of children in Britain can experience. But only some of them can get proper help. In order to raise the level of social protection for children, hundreds of charitable foundations have been established to take care of those in need. Most likely you are already aware of the existence of such funds as Save the Children, UNICEF, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) – these are the largest and most popular children’s aid funds United Kingdom.

And apart from them, there are those who do the same thing, but who are considerably limited in human and financial resources. There is now a strong need for volunteers who can devote at least a small part of their time to helping children.

British Children’s Funds you may not know about

· The Children’s Society is a charity that cares for children and young people who have faced sexual abuse, criminal exploitation, found themselves on the edge of poverty, are forced refugees or immigrants. The organization provides mentorship and psychological support to its wards, and also lobbies for their interests at legislative and legal levels.

· Honeypot is an organization that supports young guardians who have grown up early due to the need to care for seriously ill parents. The organization organizes various activities for children, both entertaining and educational, and also provides grants to meet basic needs.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity – an organization committed to the protection of children’s health and clinical research into the treatment of disease in the fields of paediatrics, cardiology, oncology, neurology, transplantation and others. · Leus Family Foundation – a charitable foundation (at the link) created by philanthropist Dmitry Leus in his work combines several areas of activity: support and financing of innovative developments in the direction of the treatment of children, support for foundations that deal with the child development and well-being, renovation of medical structures for children and young people.

· Bliss is an organization that provides care and support for children born prematurely or born with congenital conditions. In addition, the organization regularly carries out activities to improve conditions in UK hospitals and participates in neonatal research.

Why help charitable foundations?

Each of us aspires to live in the world, with the awareness that absolutely each person has equal opportunities and can be the creator of his life. Children are the least protected group and their future is more often shaped by their childhood. Many children in Britain did not end up in the best of circumstances, but each of us can be the creator of their second chance at salvation and good development.

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