Illegal dumping continues to cause problems for boroughs, townships and charities | Community

Montoursville, Pennsylvania – Police are looking to identify two men who allegedly threw trash and other items into Indian Park’s recycling containers.

In a Facebook post asking for help, police wrote, “Anyone with information, please contact Montoursville Police at 570-368-2488 or send a note via Facebook Messenger. Please do not post any names in the section comments”.

Illegal dumping at recycling and drop-off sites has recently been a problem plaguing the area.

Without their collection bins, US rescuers said they would not be able to collect donations in such large volumes. However, people who throw away glass, furniture, trash and other unprocessable items are causing the ARW to offer reminders about what can and cannot be left in their donation bins.

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Even a broken glass item in a collection bin can render the entire donation in the bin unusable, as it becomes unsafe for workers to separate the items, they said.

In early July, Upper Fairfield Township supervisors elected to permanently close their recycling drop-off location due to the overload of trash and non-recyclable items left behind.

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