King of Charity focuses on Pakistani charities

The cryptocurrency market is one of the hottest markets across the world today. While many countries have recognized the importance of cryptocurrencies, some countries are still lagging behind. Pakistan is among the list of countries that are far behind in recognizing the use and importance of crypto trading at the state level. However, some recent developments have shown that young people and the business community are very interested in investing on this side. Leaving that information aside, there is much bigger news for Pakistan crypto enthusiasts today. Few developers have scrambled their plans to support countries like Pakistan with charity cryptos. It is worth mentioning that HOPE is a well-known crypto charity that helps people in the west, but none of these crypto projects work for countries like Pakistan. King of Charity, is a recently launched token that has mentioned Pakistan in its white paper along with a few other countries in the MENA region.

King of Charity focuses on Pakistani charities

King of Charity Token

The main idea behind this concept is not only to support charities operating in the MENA regions, but also to encourage the practice of giving a fraction of hope to save lives.

How it works?

Each time an individual purchases the token, 4% of the transaction value will go to the charity division. While 2% of the transaction value will go to the token’s marketing fund at the same time. This way, a total of 4% transaction value per transaction will flow and add to the charity network in the targeted countries.


The King Of Charity token will circulate charity amounts among the top 5 known charities in each country. For now, they have announced Pakistan as their area of ​​interest.

For more information on How to buy King of Charity, you can visit their website KOC.VIE

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