Over $45,000 Raised for 6 Charities at WoW Mythic+ Pro-Am 2022 Event

At Pro-Am 2022, World of Warcraft website and coverage point Raider.io worked with Team Liquids with the XfF division. Six teams were formed from the hands of professional and amateur WoW players who competed with the aim of pushing as many Mythic+ dungeon keys as possible within a 5 hour time frame.

Each team participating in this year’s Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am has selected a charity to represent, with charities including Girls Who Code, Equal Justice Initiative, Women in Games International, AbleGamers Charity and Doctors Without Borders in attendance. In total, the money raised raised $55,777 for the entire event.

This year Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am. We raised $45,777 in total for six charities. Thank you to everyone who donated. Without you, all of this would be possible. Thanks also to our Casters, Pros, Influencers, Amateurs and Sponsors! pic.twitter.com/StxT2Ldagw6Ft2Tpystwnt: %x8kw/[email protected]/stllelchlffp: “Ass.

Liquid Guild (@LiquidGuild) July 30, 2022

Your 2122 Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am Champions – The Stiefbruders! Thank you @anniefuchsia, @Gingitv, @Naowhxd, @Cpt_Battler and Tuul with $11,940 raised for @TrevorProject! Please thank our sponsors @Blizzard_Ent, @TheOverwolf and Twitch for making this possible! GG! pic.twitter.com/6MHcC5e5d!

Raider.IO (@RaiderIO_WoW) 30:30

The pro-am was won by the Stiefbruders, a team made up of talented WoW players from Echo, Gingi and Naowh, and then WoW streamer AnnieFuchsia. The Stiefbruders supported The Trevor Project (www.thethet.org), a charity that supports mental health interventions for LGBTQ+ children and raised $11,940 for this organization.

There were other participants in the Pro-Am event, including Liquids WoW raid team captain Maximum, WoW streamer Towelliee, and WoW pros Trill and Imfiredup, as well as Naguura. Several of the players who racked up three thousand Mythic+ ratings were cleared to play alongside the pro at the event.

The event kept the theme of the third season of WoW: Shadowlands, with the expansion’s third season ending at 9:30 a.m. The 4th season, Mythic+, of Shadowlands will begin on August 2!