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Large corporate groups often have entities within their corporate structure that are surplus to strategic requirements, duplicate the activities of other entities, or have been inactive for a few years. A streamlining process aimed at streamlining the structure promotes good corporate governance and can improve attractiveness to potential buyers and investment groups. It can be particularly useful in pre- and post-trade scenarios to improve tax efficiency.

CSS applies to all types of businesses, whether owner-managed, national or international. Kroll has the expertise, experience and ability to tailor its service to your group’s long-term strategic needs, using restructuring techniques to produce the optimal result.

Simplicity is the key

Note: Colored dots represent different geographic jurisdictions.

Benefits for your business

Avoidance of unnecessary costs

  • Filings with Companies House – statutory accounts and confirmation statements
  • Taxation – corporate tax returns, country by country reporting, transfer pricing, tax audits and VAT returns
  • Administrative burden – accounting, compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Management time – distraction from core business
  • Professional fees – tax, legal and audit compliance

Risk management

  • Improves transparency, accountability and governance
  • Creates certainty of liabilities, including contingent claims, of employees and owners
  • Manages tax risks and opportunities
  • Provides the comfort of independent review
  • Reduces the risk of reintegration
  • Increases structural and jurisdictional alignment
  • Reduces IFRS and iXBRL conversion burden

Operational efficiency

  • Optimal group structure design and implementation
  • Return of share capital and assets, improved dividend flows
  • Eliminate post-acquisition duplication
  • Allows the release of intercompany balances and reserves
  • Improves investor confidence and reputation
  • Tax planning and pre-transaction structuring
  • Release planning
Why Croll?
  • Our Stage One Stakeholder Identification and Assessment Workshop is a personalized and tailored approach that ensures each client’s needs are met and provides optimal results for your group.
  • We can offer several solutions to customers, from technical advice to complete project management and implementation
  • Our experienced team undertake CSS projects and have national and international experience
  • We have a flexible fee structure, which can be adapted to the level of our involvement in the project
  • We have extensive industry expertise including leisure, financial services, real estate, industrial/manufacturing and retail
  • We have a strong international reputation for delivering results quickly and efficiently
  • Our global restructuring professionals and tax professionals work together, both within the firm and through channel partners in nearly every jurisdiction in the world
  • We have significantly reduced conflicts compared to our competitors in the provision of project management services