Somerville Unveils New Branding and Corporate Structure – Services

David La Bozzetta, Adrian Toole and Craig Somerville (Sommerville)

Sydney-based managed services provider Somerville has unveiled its new branding to highlight its new corporate structure.

In its announcement, the company said the name change reflects the next challenge in the field, realigning the company into four streamlined technology pillars – Cloud, Connect, Secure and Modern Workplace.

The new structure is intended to reinforce the company’s strategic priorities of growing monthly recurring revenue in the corporate and education sectors, while positioning Somerville for long-term growth.

“Our streamlined solution pillars ensure stronger alignment with our operations and technology teams, supporting our future strategy to ease the burden on our customers, cementing our position as the leading provider of IT solutions for the middle market,” said the general manager Craig Sommerville. .

“The IT world is complex, and it’s getting harder for organizations to acquire the right skills, navigate the product landscape, and make smarter IT investments in a crowded vendor marketplace, while ensuring that they are up to date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities. Our customers rely on us to make their IT journey as easy as possible to help them grow and thrive.

The previous structure also had four business units, namely Networks, Connectivity Services, Professional Services and Managed Services.

Speaking to CRN, Somerville said: “Security has kind of been scattered across all the different business units and although it’s deep and has been a big part of our business for years. he was unidentified, so it was hard for the client to look at us and be like, “Okay, he’s a focused security buyer.”

“[The new structure] was really to put these disciplines away and integrate them into the logical technical groups in which they should have sat.

Partners and customers join Sommerville for the launch of the rebranding

The rebranding also coincided with Somerville’s recent move to a new office in the Sydney suburb of St Leonards, which also suits the hybrid working model for all staff.

Somerville said the company was close to moving to a bigger office before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but the change in working arrangements caused management to pivot.

“We completely rethought and redesigned what we felt was the right working environment for us, and then went to the market to look for a property,” he said.

“We found a nice high-end rental, but it’s only half the size [of our previous office]. We have therefore reduced the size of our rental and we no longer have [enclosed] offices, using a fully open work environment.