Spirit Airlines has pledged $1 million to charities in 2022

The Spirit Charitable Foundation has committed $1 million to help children and their family members, the military, and the environment.

Earlier this morning, the Spirit Charitable Foundation, a subsidiary of Spirit Airlines, announced that it is pledging to donate to 44 different charities in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America by the end of 2022. The sum of all pledged donations in 2022 is $1 million.

A Simple Approach to Giving Back

The Spirit Charitable Foundation has built its vision of goodwill on three simple pillars.

  • Children and families
  • The environment
  • Service members

Spirit Airlines’ charitable vision is integrated into the business model and corporate vision. Lania Rittenhouse, Chair of the Spirit Charitable Foundation as well as Vice President of Customer Experience and Brand for Spirit Airlines, said:


“The Spirit Charitable Foundation believes that change starts with giving back. We are committed to inspiring positive change in the communities where we live and work, and it’s so moving to be able to have a meaningful impact on so many great organizations across our network,

In an exclusive statement given to Simple Flying, Rittenhouse expanded on the aforementioned comment saying:

“As the Spirit Charitable Foundation continues to grow, we help the communities we serve in ways that are both personal and lasting. Whether it’s supporting the family of a child undergoing 19 surgeries, ensuring that Whether students in a Colombian village can complete their education, help families cope with food shortages, or transport veterans to our nation’s capital, our investments are funded with the belief that every life has meaning. value, and we are all enriched when we help it reach its full potential,”

Spirit Airlines is committed to giving back to the environment as well as to local communities. Photo: Spirit Airlines

Distribution of funds

When Spirit Airlines is committed to giving back to its communities, the foundation offers more than just financial support. The Spirit Charitable Foundation also provides volunteer work and in-kind donations. In terms of monetary support, the organization assures the public that 100% of all proceeds raised for charity go directly to charities and nonprofits. Here is a list of 43 different charities to which the organization has committed over $1 million.

Organization City/Region
Mandy’s Farm Albuquerque
Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club Atlantic City
freedom ball Atlanta
Mano Amiga Bogotá – Colombia
Global Gardens Wooded
Luke’s wings Baltimore
Black girls break bread Chicago
ground force denver
Children who are fighting cancer Detroit
Houston Children’s Charity Houston
Jamaican Reggae Girlz Foundation Kingston, Jamaica
habitat for humanity Vegas
Facing the international Los Angeles
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families The guard
Sachamama Lima, Peru
Green Orlando Orlando
Alpha Omega Veteran Services Memphis
California Coastal Cleanup Oakland-San Francisco
Foundation for the Protection of Marine Biodiversity Port au Prince, Haiti
Urban roots Reno
Our little roses San Pedro Sula – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Nature conservation San Jose, Costa Rica
Incorporated children San Jose, Costa Rica
Salt Lake City fisherman’s house Salt Lake City
Adrienne Arsht Center South Florida
Big Dog Ranch Rescue South Florida
Broward County Boys and Girls Club South Florida
Broward Center for the Performing Arts South Florida
Children’s diagnostic and treatment center South Florida
children’s aid club South Florida
Broward Community Foundation South Florida
Daisy Village South Florida
Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida South Florida
South Florida Honor Flight South Florida
Broward County Humane Society South Florida
Jack and Jill Children’s Center South Florida
Nova Southeast Art Museum South Florida
PACE Center for Girls South Florida
Broward’s first tee South Florida
Women in distress South Florida
YMCA of South Florida South Florida
D ania beach patch South Florida
Broward County Urban League South Florida
Football with Corazon United States South Florida

2022 Spirit open and off-piste evening

These donations would not be possible without the love and effort provided by the volunteers of the Spirit Charitable Foundation. Earlier this year, the organization held two events. An open mind and an off-piste evening. Between the two events, he was able to raise over $1.5 million, with the two main sponsors being Airbus and NextGen Aero.

Spirits’ vision of always giving back is reflected in every aspect of their business. Photo: Spirit Airlines

do their part

The Spirit Charitable Foundation has a vision of always giving back. It aims to give back directly to children and their families, to the military and to the environment. In doing so, the organization believes that positive changes will surely follow. With this positive change comes a brighter future for everyone. Hopefully, there will come a time when everyone can soar into that brighter future.

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