SunShare invests $100,000 in local Colorado businesses and charities

SunShare celebrated its 10and anniversary earlier this year, on the heels of Colorado celebrating the 10th anniversary of the country’s first community solar legislation. In just over a decade, SunShare has served more than 13,000 residential, commercial and municipal subscribers, and expects to continue growing in the coming years.

Community solar allows anyone with an electricity bill to participate in the production of solar energy. Instead of putting panels on the roof, households and businesses subscribe to some of the energy produced in the community solar garden, which the utility buys directly from the subscriber through credits on their utility bill. electricity.

Jessie Burley, sustainable development coordinator for Town of Breckenridge, who benefited from the program, said: “The Town of Breckenridge is proud to be able to partner with SunShare and offer homeowners in our community a renewable alternative to rooftop solar. Through this partnership, businesses and community organizations have also benefited from a return program where dollars are returned to support sustainable programs. It’s a win-win for Breckenridge.”

“As the only community solar company that builds and owns our own solar gardens locally, we know from our daily interactions with our subscribers that they take great pride in the impact their subscriptions have on their neighbours, families and communities. friends,” says Fleming.

Data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that 75% of US homes are not suitable for installing rooftop solar panels and nearly 40% of US households are renters who cannot choose to install a solar option on their roof. the roof.

Summit County nonprofit, High Country Conservation Center, has received several thousand dollars through the generosity of SunShare subscribers. “Rooftop solar doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s why HC3 is delighted that SunShare is offering an alternative,” said the Director of Climate Action for HC3. Jess Hoover. “Whether you rent or own your home, SunShare’s Community Solar Garden Program offers Summit County residents with another clean energy option.

denver entrepreneur, Libby Anglin of Base 6 Fitness said, “We love being part of the SunShare program, supporting our community and environment. We continue to share news about SunShare Community Solar Power with our customers, friends and family.

SunShare is offering local business gift cards for subscribers who sign up September 15 before completing the construction of their next 5 MW community solar garden.

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